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Can I take photos or videos of our sessions?

No, but I can take video and share appropriate material at my discretion. Please be sure to indicate on the intake and during session when/if you would like video to be taken for shots/videos to be provided after. 

How do I address you?

I am not as precious as other D types may be about this, as long as I am addressed with reverence and respect. Queen, Ms Anne, Mistress. 

Don't be too familiar - babe or hun are not going to work.

Will you come to my house to session? 

Outcalls will be at my discretion and for an additional fee. 

 you have a hotel or dungeon you prefer and would like to pay for in addition to the tribute, I am happy to discuss. 

What should I bring to our session?

You should bring your cash tribute, in an unsealed envelope, and any essentials needed. You can also bring any extra toys/outfits you may be interested in. If you choose to bring a gift, please consider bringing flowers, my Amazon gift list, or a gift card such as Uber, Visa, Amazon, Mariano's, Etsy,  or Blick.

How do I prepare for a session?

Arrive clean and well groomed for every session, freshly showered and with good breath. For some types of play, an enema before session may be appropriate. You will be responsible for cleaning any messes and this will count towards your session time. 

Can I leave you a review? 

Every experience is unique and tailored, with that, I expect and appreciate your discretion on the details. I will offer a reflection form. If you would like to provide additional feedback, I'd be happy to receive that via email. I may share feedback on social media or the site as well. 

I'm new and nervous, can we meet first? 

Of course, I am happy to meet clients and find out more about them. If you are looking for a strictly social meeting, we can meet for $150/hr to thoughtfully discuss any ideas/concerns you may have and enjoy getting to know one another better. 

What if I don't like pain? 

I am a sensual domme and a very dynamic woman. Pain is one of many options. We can focus on pleasure and reward, feminization and adornment, bondage and control... Each session is personalized and uniquely tailored.  

What is the process from here? 

Fill out the intake form. I will contact you to follow up within 3 days and set up a short video chat for verification. We will finalize a date upon your deposit. The day of our session, you will receive a confirmation message from me in the morning confirming the time and location, you must respond to before noon. Arrive freshly showered at our agreed-upon location at the time of your session.

Not early or late. If you are running late, contact me as early as possible to let me know. 

Do you offer any discounts? 

I offer a discount to women of all kinds, afab folks, and the femme-presenting beauties and bunnies of the world.

I also offer a credit for a successful referral. If you refer someone who sessions with me, you will earn a $100 credit towards our next visit. 

What if I have a question you haven't answered here? 

Please email me if you have unanswered questions that prevent you from feeling ready to move forward. 

While there is no shame in asking, I will not google for you and I can't speak to any experiences or requirements outside of my own. 

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