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Chicago base for the last decade or so, I love the sense of intense community and anonymity one can feel simultaneously. We all have our secrets and shadows. We all need space to let them out and play. We are all here getting through it together.

Whether you are looking for a sensualist, a sadist, a top or a bottom, maternal or paternalistic, I value your trust and expect your best. Ruled by curiosity, there is no (legal) kink I am unwilling to discuss. Your kinks may not be my kinks (and that is okay!), but a closed mouth doesn't get fed. 


There is liberation in BDSM, in power dynamics in particular. No shame allowed in regards to (legal, consenting) pleasure. We all need space to express ourselves fully and feel accepted. This may be why working with folks new to professional Domme services is a treat; there is satisfaction in helping someone find their likes and boundaries, owning their fantasies and curiosities. 

What else? 

I love a hobby. I have taken classes around the city in ceramics, jewelry, metals, investing, yoga, wall climbing, quilting, drawing, baking, and candle making. I am always ready to learn more and ask questions. 

I love Chicago. Exploring the foods, arts, music, theater, and culture. I have had a variety of careers from pent-up corporate offices to basements and locker rooms. Artist, baker, and phone sex operator. 


I am sensual, creative, and dedicated to a life of play. 

In the end, I like to be the boss and the job will be fun. 

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