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Queen Anne Lace

Chicago Dominatrix


Call me Queen and bring me flowers. 

Queer Artist 

Cheeky Minx

Sensual Femme Fatale

Not your Typical Domina

My journey into dominance was a reckoning with my sensuality, creativity, and passions. I have always been intuitive, bossy, bold, and expressive. Born to lead and coach those willing to do and be better. The corporate world never stood a chance at containing all of me. 

My femininity shines with supple curves that enchant and command, but I am never a shrinking violet. If my charms and suggestions don't inspire you, my unyielding confidence and authoritative nature eventually will.


Submitting to a Queen is a luxury. My session style is built to challenge and support, dismantle and reward. As much I enjoy the whimsical and playful, it is balanced with cutting demands, calculated force, and low tolerance for any masculine bullshit.


There is no shame in this house around curiosity, check out the FAQS. You are welcome to ask questions respectfully as well

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Want a monthly life update with stories, creative projects, and quippy musings?

You lucky dog. 

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